Commissioned Work

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Please email Kim if you are interested in commissioned work.

Client: Melissa Duran’s Mother’s Portrait

Melissa contacted Kim with a vintage portrait of her mother. She requested Kim to apply her unique abstract style to create a fun new image from the old one. She photographed the original photograph and restored any damaged parts of the image (scratches, discolorations, and anything that did not give it a cohesive appearance). This new portrait will be hung alongside a custom-sized printing of my work ‘The Rocket’. The Rocket sign on Jacksboro Highway in Fort Worth marked the spot of a 1940’s Rock ‘n Roll and  Latino dance Club. It was a favorite place of Melissa’s mom when it was a Rock n Roll venue.


Client: Britten Family 

The Britten Family commissioned Kim to go to Groom Texas and photograph the ‘Leaning Tower of Britten USA’ along I-40 ( the old US Route 66). The Tower now serves as an iconic landmark and historical heirloom to the Britten family.
The family wanted the final piece to be 40″w x 66″ tall, stretched on canvas, and put into a floating frame. Seen below on the far right.
Kim and her husband, Peter Robbins went out together using different Canon Cameras. The new EOS R5, among a few, to capture and create a wonderful new piece for the family home in Groom.


Client: Transdevelopment Group

Leading developer of specialized transportation facilities with offices in Atlanta, London, Mexico City, and Portland. This job was a collaboration between Kim and her husband, Peter Robbins, who was the lead photographer. Kim’s job was to shoot, assist, and make art. After editing and consulting with the company, the three following pieces were commissioned for the main office in Atlanta. We chose a custom color scheme for a triptych (a group of three), and also decided on custom sizes for the wall space. See the full project here.


Client: Kimray

Founded in 1948, Kimray is a world-class manufacturer of control equipment used extensively in oil and gas production in North America and around the globe. In this project, Kim’s job was to take Kimray’s valve piece called the ‘Back Pressure Regulator’ and make art with it to go on the walls of their main office in Oklahoma City. Though there is often a photo shoot involved, this time Kim used photography provided by the company. The project was contracted for Kim to produce three options for the company to choose from (see below).

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