The Apache Dance of the Mountain Spirit

Limited edition Pigment Ink prints by Kim Robbins © 2014

This Apache dance depicts the story of two young men, one crippled and one blind. Their band was fleeing from the enemy. The two men were left in a lonely mountain cave so that they would not slow down the flight of their tribesmen.

As the days went by their food ran out and their bodies lost strength. They began to fear that they had been abandoned to die.

Then one night the voice of the Spirit spoke to them, calling them into movement around the fire with the promise of healing for the blind man’s eyes, and restoration for the crippled man’s body. As the story goes they were both healed that day.

From that time of healing until today this dance has been performed by the Chiricahua Apache Tribe in memory of the event and in recognition of the Divine Healing Spirit.

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