New collection: Cactus and Succulents


New Collection

Due to many requests for cactus pieces, I’ve started a new collection – Cactus and Succulents – with some of my best work in this category.

Custom printing and framing has its own artistic element. I love the process of finding the most powerful way to showcase art. Because I print all my own work, I have the ability to manipulate it in fun ways. Any piece could be a triptych, use your imagination! Above is ‘Red Cactus’ done as a triptych. Each separate canvas is 22″ x 48″ making the whole piece 66″ wide. This is a perfect example of an image that would look great on its own or as a triptych… Bringing nature into a space always brings it to life!

Enjoy the new collection, and stay tuned as I add more to it!

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