Myriad Gardens Photography

My show at The Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City continues through August 15. This is a collection of photos taken during my stay.

I love being in The Myriad Gardens! What an incredible place. The vision for OKC is a sister NYC Central Park spread across downtown that creates a green space in an urban area. People already love it. A place to get away, have fun, take your dog, have a great meal, watch an outdoor movie, theater production, or enjoy an outdoor free concert. The designers of The Myriad Gardens had great things in mind for the community of Oklahoma City when they began this development. Not too far away is The Memorial site in memory of  the tragic bombing. This place will bring you to tears every time. How nice to add beautiful gardens not too far away as a place of renewal from our busy and often hectic lives. I salute you OKC for all the amazing things that are happening downtown!

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